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Environmental Sustainability Policy

Committed to Minimizing Our Impact

Allvision strives to be a leader in environmental sustainability and believes that a successful future for our business and the customers we serve depends on the sustainability of the environment, communities and economies in which we operate.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we bear a responsibility to consider the impacts of our actions and how they affect the environment both directly in terms of our own operations and asset development, and indirectly through our purchasing decisions, the services we offer to our customers and the business opportunities we pursue.

We are committed to minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment and to demonstrating leadership by integrating environmental considerations into all of our business practices.

Our Commitment:

We want our assets, services and production to be a part of a sustainable society. We are committed to:

a) Sustainable Energy

We are committed to the use of clean, green energy for our digital signage and throughout our business. Through our partnership with Bullfrog Power, Canada’s leading green energy provider, we are committed to eliminating our energy-related emissions footprint, bringing new, community-based renewable energy projects online, and helping green Canada’s energy systems.

b) Responsible Construction Practices

Allvision has always strived to support local suppliers for all of our material needs in the construction of our signage and assets. We are committed to doing our part to minimize our carbon footprint and environmental impact by working with our partners towards the goal that at least 75% of materials used in our construction projects are produced and procured in Canada.

We are also dedicated to exploring any new advancements in environmentally-friendly building practices, materials, and recycling that we believe could be integrated into our business.

c) Regulatory Compliance

We will work closely with regulatory agencies and industry associations to affect the development of sound environmental protection policies, procedures and legislation. We will as a minimum, assure compliance with our legal requirements and other requirements to which Allvision subscribes.

d) Employee Engagement

Allvision will raise employee awareness and support employee creativity and enthusiasm with respect to implementing our policies, guidelines, programs and initiatives and will continually promote environmental awareness, responsibility and best practices to support the environmental sustainability culture of our company through education and in-house initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint.



Christopher Bentler
President, Development | Allvision

Last updated: April 22, 2021

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