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Our Boards

Allvision’s premium digital super boards feature vibrant, crystal-clear high resolution screens for unparalleled impact along some of Canada’s busiest roadways.

Our unmissable boards are viewed by millions of Canadians travelling in the Greater Toronto Area, Montreal CMA, and Vancouver CMA each year, providing campaigns with exceptional impact and reach.

With an eye to form, function and aesthetics Allvision invested heavily in the design of our boards, resulting in an eye-catching and elevated offering that sets us apart from the competition.

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Transact Flexibly with Programmatic or Direct Buys

Allvision offers complete flexibility. You choose the way you want to plan and book Allvision inventory for your campaigns. Book directly with a member of our Sales Team, or through Hivestack, Vistar or PlaceExchange.

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Using our DOOH technology, we can customize solutions to meet your specific campaign KPIs. Through the integration of mobile extension and retargeting, geo-fencing, and mobile ID data.

We can work with your team to create innovative plans to best achieve your campaign goals.

Allvision can provide you with proven campaign measurement, including:

  • Footfall Attribution

  • Brand Lift Analysis

  • Outcome-focused Measurement

  • And More…

Custom Audiences

We’ll help you harness the power of our audience data and geotargeting capabilities to capture the perfect audience for your campaign, with sophisticated tools to ensure that your creative is seen at the right place, at the right time and by the right people.

Dynamic Creative

Elevate your creative with custom dynamic creative and content, including:

  • Conditional Triggers

    Real time data allow you to set specific conditions, based on external feeds, that will trigger the campaign, or specific campaign messaging, to activate under specific circumstances

    These triggers can be related to but not limited to:
    Weather, Social Media, Sports,
    Traffic and Lottery

  • Dayparting & MultiScheduling

    Dayparting can limit the delivery of a campaign to specific times of the day or specific days of the week to more effectively target an audience. Incorporating our multi-scheduling capabilities, campaign creative can be set to play different messages based on day, time or date.

    Examples include:
    Different restaurant messaging for breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, predetermined by time of day

    Message changes based on different deals and offers available throughout the week: countdowns to specific sales, events, or holidays

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Custom Solutions

Allvision offers powerful custom tools and solutions to ensure that your campaign goals are not only met, but exceeded.

Messages can be placed near your locations or competitors to entice potential new customers, or to solidify relationships with existing audiences.

Use the power of Digital Out-of-Home to your advantage, with tactics such as:


The creation of a virtual perimeter around a geographic location, like a neighbourhood or a store. Can be used to communicate specific messages in a specific area, such as sales or deals, or to capture a particular audience.

Mobile Retargeting

Using your Allvision DOOH campaign data for retargeting is a great way to turn offline impressions into online conversions and amplify the reach of your campaign.

By using mobile data to track who is exposed to your ads on our boards, you can build an audience to retarget on mobile devices.


Let your campaign play offence and defense using our sophisticated location-based geofencing capabilities.

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