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Case Study: QSR Store Visit


July 7, 2021

The Challenge

A leading national QSR (quick-service restaurant) wanted to measure the impact of a digital out-of-home campaign on store visits over the course of a six-week campaign in the GTA, with a KPI goal of 50,000 incremental store visits. 

The Solution

Partnering with Hivestack, Allvision developed a solution to overlayMobile ID monitoring technology with Allvision’s network of digital out-of-home screens in the Toronto CMA. Using this data, Allvision & Hivestackwere able to capture modeled incremental walk-ins to the client’s targetedlocations over the course of six weeks, with a minimum goal of 50,000store visits. 

Attribution modeling also included a lift analysis, identifying DOOHattribution by measuring lift in foot traffic to the client’s locations. 

The client’s store locations were geofenced as well as connected DOOH screens using precise polygons. A/B testing was performed to determine the Exposed Audience versus Control Group. Lift is calculated by comparing the foot traffic generated from the Exposed Audience with that of the Control Group and comparing the difference in visitation between consumers who were exposed to the advertisement versus those whom were unexposed.

The Result

This attribution model helped to prove the tremendous impact of digital out-of-home on direct store foot traffic, and the effectiveness of highway leveldigital out-of-home faces. The client’s expectations were exceeded by thestrong results, and the campaign over-delivered in incremental foot trafficand impressions by almost double, with over 47K additional walk-ins. 

With the foot traffic study, Allvision was able to report on which DOOH screens and client locations drove more walk-ins and higher lift values.Likewise, we were able to see which store locations were seeing the positive effects of this DOOH campaign through increased visitation.

Target vs Delivered: Incremental Store Visits

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